Monday, 14 December 2009

The Art of Bus Travelling in South America

Is this really a bus, or some 70's SF toy?
Travelling by bus in South America seems to be a lot harder than it has been anywhere, probably excluding the mad bus runs in Nepal.
It is very different than in Central America, as here there is no set prices, and you need to huggle the price down. On top of that, every bus tells you they are about to leave. A couple of times I made the mistake of paying in advance...and had to argue for a while to get my cash back as the bus, an hour later was still not going anywhere, and others were leaving.
But nothing beats yesterday, it will be one of those bus journeys to remember.
Having crossed from Ecuador back to Colombia I was trying to get half way through the South of Colombia, an 8 hour bus journey.
I was not too surprised when we got stopped by the police, and asked to come down. We were thoroughly searched, though I did wonder what could I hide under a pair shorts and a vest. While all of this is going on 4 young indigenous women try to make a run. Clearly, the poor women, and baby, were illegals trying to get into Colombia.
I was feeling really sorry for them, though I must the police handeling them politely, when I get called by another policeman back into the bus.
I was absolutely shocked to find the policeman pointing at a suspicious package that had been left on my seat.
But this time I was probably shaking so badly which probably made me look guilty.
I did manage to explain to the police that the girls had been seating next to me, that they had not come down with all of us. Anyway, I also brought to his attention that it was a woman's dare him to think I would wear something on that level of green?
After a long while the bus is allowed to carry on leaving behind the women, the baby and the package.
I am minding my own business when a poor senile old man starts puking over himself, first a dribble that ends up on projectile vomit over the two passengers in front of him.
By this time I decide I have had enough of buses, and my last 9 hours bus to Bogota have been replaced by an hour flight....
Tomorrow I will be flying back to Europe, no more buses falling apart, policemen touching me up, or strange packages left on my seat.....God I am going to miss it all!!!!


  1. Buenas Roberto
    Soy Eduardo (Fraga). Ya ves buscando a otra persona encuentro tu blog. Y, por lo poco que he podido leer, solo decirte que es IMPRESIONANTE. La verdad es que te lo estás currando. Como se dice por aquí "Con un par..". Espero que no te importe pero me he suscrito (o al menos creo que lo he hecho porque si te soy sincero no estoy muy ducho en estos temas). A través de la lectura de tus viajes, en cierta forma, viajo yo también y el hecho de conocerte le añade cercanía. Por ello muchas gracias y un fuerte abrazo.
    Pd. ¿Son un problema los comentarios en español? ¿Los prefieres en inglés?

  2. Hola Eduardo
    Que bien tener noticias tuyas.
    Tristemente hoy se acaba todo, o bueno al menos la parte exotica, de vuelta a Europa.
    Comentarios en espanol estan perfectamente, muchas gracias por dejarlos y por suscribirte.
    Me alegro que te haya gustado el blog, ha sido una forma de pensar en todo lo que ha pasado este ano


  3. You must have to think in write a book about bus travels all around the world. A lot of weird and funny things happen to you in this kind of transport. Have good way back and all the best!!!

  4. Ignasi, it happens to all of you remember when consuelo, you and me were coming back on a bus, and we suffered the arm pit of the fat guy in front of us...or when I almost got in a fight with three teenagers cos they were pushing Consuelo, ha, ha
    Back in Galicia, is wet and cold....

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